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27 Jun 2018

Creative expression in Barbados

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I AM. •
from ethiopian blood and jordanian soil.

from the projects of toronto. the side streets where we put the immigrants to shield the rest of society from the discomfort of difference.

let me untwist your perceptions.

I am from a who mother cleaned rooms for a living to earn a PhD in the physics of fierce perseverance.

I am from a father with verifiable credentials who still negotiates for a seat at the table.
I am them. I am unapologetically the birth of east african roots planted in north american soil.

I have spent the past 1000 days surging the frayed edges that were torn at the violent hands of oppressive lovers, who were taught that taking from my rich chocolate reservoir was their birthright.

I am the rising up that comes from the arrest of committing the crime of being born into melanin.

I have built my voice, syllable by syllable to form streams of words that represent the experience of being a single mother, raising a black son, against the background of whiteness.

I am an entrepreneur. carving a place in the great wall of opportunity.

I am the definition of intersectional existence.

I am no longer afraid.

to be.

the voice among voices that is no longer silenced.

a voice.

for womyn of colour.

creating spaces.

raising children.

into freedom.

📸: @carla.beharry

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