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Soft Center: Yoga Tune Up

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Soft Center: Yoga Tune Up

May 25 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Soft Center: Sweet & Deep Core Release through Yoga Tune Up* techniques with Tara Kachroo
Friday, May 25 6pm-8pm
The responsibilities of the week can leave us hardened — start your weekend by getting soft, melting into the joy of your own body, and releasing tension right from your center.

This two hour workshop with focus on gentle self massage and movement using the inflated ‘coregeous’ therapy ball in the belly, side of the waist and low back. We will release layer by layer — from the surface fascia in the skin to the abdominal muscles and on to the deep hip flexors. We will also explore diaphragm release to continue the cascade of relaxation. Massage techniques will alternate with gentle movement.This work can relieve back pain, and strain on the pelvic floor, digestive issues, and increase core mobility and stability. But more importantly this work promotes deep self acceptance and love as we get in touch with our centers.

Research is now revealing the relationship between the connective tissue and the nervous system.

http://dynamicchiropractic.com/mpacms/dc/article.php?id=55966  In the Soft Center Workshop you will learn fascial release techniques that create better gliding surfaces within your body promoting better joint movement, but also better movement of the energies of your body.

Media culture glorifies ripped abs — but pursuing this surface image of a hard center can leave us without movement, and without access to our deepest gut instincts. Come learn to get soft, and discover a deeper self love.

In Traditional Chinese medicine each of the organs is connected to the emotional body. As we massage the abdominal muscles and begin to release them, we also massage the organs — giving us better access to deep emotional truths, and offering us tools to help recognize and soften around hard emotions.

The fascial system is made of the connective tissue that forms the matrix of our bodies, permeating and surrounding muscles, weaving through fat and skin, and attaching to bone. It is the only system that touches every other in our body. Fascial release can create better movement, but it also has farther reaching effects than science is able to currently understand — effecting endocrine, digestive and nervous systems among others. Join Tara in the Soft Center workshop to explore muscular and fascial release through the core of our bodies.


Friday, May 25 6pm-8pm $36


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