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27 Jun 2018

Hygge Retreat

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Teaching Yoga & Meditation for the beautiful participants of the Hygge Retreat with Dave Inglis & Jen Forristal this past weekend was just amazing, truly. Imagine starting the morning with an energizing movement practice with Adam De Jong of Limitless Performance, journaling and reflection, a healthy-tasty breakfast, a lunch accompanied by flamenco artist & loving soul Cuneyt Juneyt Yetkiner, snacks, Yoga & Meditation with moi, taking a dip in the pool & then laying your head back in the sauna, powerful-life changing breathing techniques like the The Iceman (Wim Hof) method with Steve Beattie, fascial stretching, acupuncture, massage in One day, under one roof with incredible facilitators and plenty of time to read, relax & connect with hearts in the community. Stay Tuned for future dates!

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