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14 May 2018

Inspiring Women

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My daily ritual is listening to podcasts, reading books, watching shows & film and connecting to Womyn who inspire me towards my truest and most fiercest self- unapologetically.

Some of these womyn are from afar in TV land, book land and some are right HERE in this Community- let me introduce You to Carla Beharry , women of colour , mixed raise Indo-Caribbean yogi, BUSINESS COACH for Yogis & Healers.

When she’s not traveling the globe, to tropical paradises and talking aboutsocial justice & growth, she is offering these words , that I so needed to hear Today! Enjoy below 👇🏽

There are mountains growing
beneath our feet
that cannot be contained
all we’ve endured
has prepared us for this
bring your hammers and fists
we have a glass ceiling to shatter
– “let’s leave this place roofless”
– @rupikaur_ . you are brilliance after brilliance.

to my people, shattering barriers & defying expectations with every choice, with every action, taking risks to construct a life that most will only read about in stories.
to my women, arming yourselves with knowledge and power, jumping off ledges daily, to guarantee your voice is no longer silenced.
to my men, choosing empathy & love, interlacing your palms to create a solid step, to boost us up, so women can climb higher. you are redefining manhood.
to my entrepreneurs, hustling 18 hour days — you are my heros. more hands make for lighter work. let’s leave this place roofless. xx
#entrepreneur #beyourownboss

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