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27 Jun 2018


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If you are interested in gaining more insight on intersectionality, diversity, social justice, to understand your role as a womyn, an individual, a feminist, an activist and want to hear directly from the voices of womyn of colour (those voices who are often scare, hidden and not represented in our movement towards equality and justice) this book right here ‘This will be my undoing” by Morgan Jerkins is the one.

I read each page reliving my child hood while feeling a sense of reconciliation and forgiveness to the ‘child me’ who was placed in such polarizing paradigms. My knowledge over the years has become my power. And I believe it could become yours as well, as an ally, a thinker, a doer, one who desires change from the inside out. This book offers that possibility.

These two pages below give some insight into the very complicated narrative that is WOC and their HAIR historically and how that shows up still to this day. It’s that reason why cutting my hair over the years and choosing a “natural” style is an actual movement towards Freedom. It’s why songs like “Don’t touch my Hair” by Solange Knowles resonates deep for womyn of colour.

It’s why it’s so key for Us as individuals to learn, gain more knowledge, comprehension and awareness- this begins the healing process and the possibility of union, empowerment and change. #staywoke

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