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13 Aug 2017

weekly Restorative-Yin Fusion Class coming this Fall

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The Weekly Restorative-Yin Fusion class begins this Fall at Community of Hearts Yoga!
Begins Sept 3rd 4pm-530pm & every Sunday after
What is RY Fusion? A class which holds poses with props for support, allowing for ease, release, deeper stretches, meditation, inner peace & getting out of the incessant ‘Monkey brain.’
Picture candles, soft music, bolsters that hold your weight and worries, poetry, essential oils & a space where your Heart can Unfold with each exhale.
Get your $50 1 Month Unlimited Yoga promo on www.communityofheartsyoga.com & claim your emotional, mental and physical wellness
#selfcare #findyourpeace #yogainspiration

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